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Parasailing is the recreational sport of soaring in a parachute while being towed usually by a motorboat.

Attached to the parachute, itself connected to the boat, you will slowly lift into the air up to 200m above sea level. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Dubai coast.


Day 1 :


Start your day with a hearty breakfast at a restaurant or café in the JBR area.
Late Morning:
2. Beach Stroll:

Take a leisurely walk along JBR's famous beachfront. Enjoy the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.
3. Parasailing Adventure:

Head to the parasailing center at JBR, ensuring you've pre-booked your experience.
Receive a brief orientation and safety instructions from the experienced staff.
Gear up and enjoy an exhilarating parasailing experience over the Dubai coastline.
4. Lunch:

Treat yourself to a delicious lunch at one of the many restaurants along The Walk at JBR.
Early Afternoon:
5. Relaxation and Exploration:

Spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach or exploring the shops and attractions along The Walk.
Consider visiting nearby attractions like Bluewater Island or Ain Dubai.
6. Dinner:

Choose a beachside restaurant or a trendy café for a delightful dinner experience. Enjoy the sunset and the picturesque views of the Dubai skyline.
7. Evening Entertainment:

Explore the vibrant nightlife at JBR. Visit a beach club, enjoy live music, or take a leisurely stroll along the beautifully illuminated waterfront.
Feel free to adjust the sequence of activities based on your preferences and the availability of parasailing slots. Ensure you check the weather conditions for the day of your adventure for a safe and enjoyable experience.



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