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Dolphin Bay Dubai

1 Hour


Dolphin Bay, situated at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, offers a captivating marine experience where visitors can interact and swim with these intelligent and graceful marine creatures. Nestled in a state-of-the-art facility, Dolphin Bay provides a range of encounters, from shallow-water interactions suitable for all ages to immersive swim experiences for the more adventurous. Guests can enjoy the thrill of getting up close to dolphins, experiencing their playful behavior, and even receiving a dolphin kiss or hug. With a commitment to conservation and education, Dolphin Bay in Dubai promises an unforgettable and educational marine adventure for families and animal enthusiasts alike.


Day 1 :

Arrival and Introduction

Arrival at Atlantis, The Palm.
Check-in at Dolphin Bay and attend a brief orientation.
First Interaction

Dolphin Encounter experience, suitable for all ages.
Break and Leisure

Lunch at one of the dining options within Atlantis, The Palm.
Leisure time to explore other attractions or relax.
Immersive Experience

Return to Dolphin Bay for an immersive Dolphin Swim experience.
Relaxation and Reflection

Spend time relaxing by the pool or exploring Atlantis, The Palm further.
Dolphin Bay in Dubai offers a seamless blend of educational encounters and immersive experiences with these incredible marine mammals, ensuring a memorable day for visitors of all ages.



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Dolphin Bay Dubai
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